Dredge plumbing powder
Dredge plumbing powder

Dredge plumbing powder

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1 set of 4 bottles


What is more annoying than hair stuck in your bathroom drain or food waste clogged in your kitchen sink? Especially when you try to use your plunger and weird funky smell would start to fill up your entire home. YIKES


With this strong plumbing powder, you can unclog your drain or sink without any hassle at all! This powder is able to dredge the blockage of hair, kitchen waste, human excreta, toilet paper etc. Furthermore, it is not only eco-friendly, fast and easy to use but also it even removes odor and kills germs.


All you need to do is:

For toilet sink, floor drain and bathtub

1) Remove all the accumulated water outside the pipe mouth caused by blockage.

2) Pour proper amount of the product into the pipe, wait for an hour, and then flush it with warm water (no higher than 40 degrees), and the water amount should not overflow out of the pipe mouth.

For toilet and squatting pan

1) Use tools to remove the accumulated water in the toilet.

2) Pour proper amount of this product into the toilet, wait for 5 minutes, and then rinse it with clear water.





- Do not use other chemical products for 3 days before and after using this product.

- This product can't handle the blockage caused by plastic, chemical fiber, wood, cement, metal and other foreign matters.

- This product contains sodium hydroxide, which is corrosive. Pay attention to protection during use. It is recommended to wear masks and gloves.

- Heat will be released during dredging. Please do not wait and see. If it is splashed, please wash it with clear water.

- This product can not be used for aluminum, plastic, cast iron pipes, etc. because of the exothermic corrosion of this product, it should be used in accordance with the principle of "a few times"

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